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Asia Energy Logistics Group is an investment holding company, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 351). The Group focuses on the integrated development of energy and infrastructure projects in mainland China. The main business segments include: railway logistics and dry bulk shipping.

Key Facts and Figures  
  Railway Logistics
Total investment
Total length
(Approximately) RMB 1.6 billion
121.7 kilometres
  Dry Bulk Shipping
Total number of vessels
3 (the number of vessels under the Group )
2 (the number of vessels agreed under the JV Agreement)
  Stock Code 351 HK


The group owns a majority stake in Zunxiao Railway, the first railway line on the mainland controlled by foreign direct investment. The Zunxiao Railway is strategically located in Tangshan City, an area known to be rich in mineral resources such as iron ore, titanium and vandadium. In the 11th Five Year Plan, the Chinese government has placed a strong emphasis on the development of Tangshan City, in particular Caofeidian (曹妃甸) with a view to deploy the latter area into a distribution hub for energy and raw materials. The group believes Zunxiao Railway will benefit from the demand for rail transport and logistics services as the region develops according to the country's economic planning.

The first foreign direct investment majority owned freight railway operator in China

  • Strategically placed within the mineral-rich Hebei province
  • Within the Bohai Econonic Zone (渤海經濟發展區域) and close to Beijing
  • Stretching a total of 121km, running through previously hard to access mountain areas
  • Upon completion, the Zunxiao railway can access the three major ports in the region – Qinhuangdao (秦皇島), Caofeidian (曹妃甸), and Jingtang (京唐)
  • Effective replacement for road transport – accommodates overcapacity, operation during winter, cost effective
  • Connected to the national railway network at both ends, effectively reducing the distance between Xiaosigou (小寺溝) to Zunhua (遵化)


By the end of August 2010, the JV between our wholly owned subsidiary Ocean Jade and Waibert will operate four vessels providing transportation services for the coal shipment of COA providers domestically within the PRC as well as internationally. Our joint venture agreement has stipulated a guaranteed profit of HK$ 20 million for Ocean Jade in the first 12 months of operation after the purchase of the four vessels. The benefits of this investment include:

  • Vessels begin transportation immediately after procurement
  • COA Provider securing stable long-term transportation volume
  • Agreed minimum transportation fee
  • Current market price of bulk shipping vessels is relatively low